Any chance of a reissue of the “angry man” replacement head for the hulk kit?
Sorry, it doesn't seem likely at this time.
Feb.17,2024--John Delgado
Bought several products from Escape Hatch....All excellent!
And we appreciate your business.
I absolutely love this site and all the items offered !
Thank you ! We will try to keep you coming back for more.
Feb.1,2024--Steve Walsh
What a fun site and your range of replacement parts and full size kits is terrific.
The fun is what makes it worth it for us too.
Absolutely floored by your merchandise and website.Hoping to be able to afford one of your kits soon !
Thanks, we appreciate the patronage.
Jan.31,2024--Bob Fisher
Great site & great products. I like that I can get products to enhance or outright mod the project I'm doing.
Thanks! Replacement parts remain Escape Hatch's bread and butter, although we're running a little thin on ideas lately so,
please pass along inspirations if you have them.
Howdy! Would really like to see you make a kit of the old Rocketman vs. The "Water-Heater" Robot... Would be awesome!
That's a new one for me. I just looked it up and that robot is indeed spectacular. We happen to have a project in the works
to get some formerFuturistic Robots kits back on the market, revised for the Escape Hatch crowd. Keep an eye out for
those, you might enjoy them.
Jan.26,2024--Pat Nolan
Not sure if this is what you want being I have not purchased anything from as of yet but every time I check
out your website or click from the emails I am just floored at what you produce. I have many models I need
to sit down and build but I promise when the time comes I will be purchasing a bunch of upgrades from you Thank you
We never get tired of comments like that. Much appreciated!
I love the magic you do!
Please consider adding Dracula’s Daughter and more Bela Lugosi heads (different Dracula expressions) thank you
We do have another Lugosi head in the works, but the sculptor has his hands full. If you're not already on the mailing list,
you might consider signing up to get the news when it's ready. We promise not to flood your inbox. As for
Dracula's Daughter, Shadow Kreations is getting ready to put an old X-O Facto kit back on the market.
Jan.26,2024--Ken Spriggs
Are you planning a figure of IT! The terror from beyond space?
IIT! is a great subject but we have no immediate plans for a kit. You never know what might happen.
Jan.24,2024--Ken K.
How about a model of Dr.Cyclops. Have it include the people he shrunk down to size.
We do appreciate suggestions and Dr. Cyclops would be a fun subject. He goes on the list of possibilities. Thanks!

Howdy, I just ordered the full conversion kit for the Moebius Grim Reaper as I am a HUGE fan of Tombs of the Blind Dead.
I ordered the replacement head for the Moebius Frankenstein and it was PHENOMENAL and I know this will be as well.
Thanks so much!
Your Blind Dead set is on the way! William Paquet did a fantastic job on the face and graveyard bits.Rainer Engel rounded
it out fantastically with the hood and sword. Please share photos when you're finished.