June 15,2024--Anon.
Hello again! Would like to respond to a suggestion from 'Kevin' on May 20th asking
for the alien creep from SPACE PROBE TAURUS. That thing gave baby boomers
nightmares and was recycled into another flick called WIZARD OF MARS.
If Mike Berglund ever wants to tackle this, promise us that he'll do the guy's tongue
sticking out...that image messed up LOTS of kids in the 60s!
That might be right up Michael's alley. I'll pass along the suggestion.
June 13,2024--Charles
Would love to see 1/8 scale, Aurora style Rocky Horror Picture Show kits.
I'm reluctant to dash any hopes, but truth is that it's unlikely you'll  ever see a kit of
Tim Curry in a corset from Escape Hatch. Sorry.
June 11,2024--Kevin
How about a 1/8 scale kit of the monster from Horror of Party Beach!
And please put the Hot Dogs in his mouth instead of teeth!?!
Added 6/12: They're not actually hot dogs but looks like them! Hot dogs or pickles...
Hot dogs? I haven't seen the movie, does the monster have hot dogs in his mouth?
We'll put it on the list of possibilities. Thanks!
June 11,2024--Anon.
Why are your prices so high on your models. I love building monster models
and I love your Wolf Woman, but $140 bucks is way out of my range. Why so high?
Sorry to disappoint you, but it's common for garage kits to be more expensive than
mass-market plastic models. Believe it or not, we're hardly rolling in dough.
Escape Hatch does offer some cheaper options, as do some other producers.
June 11,2024--Ken Kwilinski
Another kit suggestion from me.... The Astounding She-Monster. It would have
to be something that makes her look menacing. After all she's just a woman in
a skin-tight glittery outfit who has "the-touch-of-death". So far love the
Wasp Woman and Terror From The Year 5000 kits. Keep um coming!
I passed along the suggestion to Michael Berglund. If Year 5,000 sells decently,
well, you never know.
June 11,2024--Brian
Nobody has ever kitted up the She Beast.
I don't know if I'd ever heard of her but looked her up. Creepy. I'll pass that suggestion
to the sculptor, Michael Berglund.
June 11,2024--Kev TK
Received and built your Trog kit. Terrific! Made in 1970, I was around for the
movie, but don't remember ever seeing it. But with the little nugget that the
Trog suit was taken out of the dumpster for the movie, made it odd ball
enough that I had to build it. I just love the odd...
We love the odd as well. Very glad you enjoy the kit. Thanks for the note. 
May 29,2024--Kevin
Would like to see a 1/8 kit of Ghost of Frankenstein holding little Ann Galloway
in his arms!
I'll put that on the list of possibilities. Thanks for the suggestion!
May 28,2024--Gary S.
WOW!!! Just got the TROG kit and it's FANTASTIC. I thought the Wasp Woman and
Octaman kits were cool. This ranks with the best of them! Since I just retired, here's
my bucket list of monsters I'd like to see realized as kits... The Hideous Sun Demon,
a hyper-accurate Green Slime monster, the Horror of Party Beach critter with a
mouthful of hot dogs, the Projected Man (his face will give you bad dreams), the
Chlorophyl Man from John Ashley's awful Blood Island flicks, the monster from
Night of the Blood Beast (part bear, part parrot, all creepy) and the mutant from
Terror From the Year 5000. That ain't much to ask, is it? Hahaha.
We're delighted that you like the Trog kit and thank you for your business. I'll pass
along all of those suggestions to Michael Berglund, who very much enjoys these
subjects. If you're not already familiar with
Chris Wooten's Terror from the Vault,
you might want to check out the
Green Slime offered there. It might not be the
hyper-accurate kit you hope for, but it's very neat nonetheless.
May 28,2024--Al Pettiford
I think you should do a Claude Rains Phantom replacement head, it’s a no brainer.
That's been on the list of possibilities for years, although there never seems to be
quite enough money in the budget to make it happen. We'll see what we can do.
Thanks for the suggestion.
May 28,2024--Dave
Really like the replacement heads - keep it up! Full kits are great, too!
Appreciate the feedback, Dave. Guys like you keep us trying hard.
May 20,2024--Kevin
Just ordered the TROG kit, looks great... Would like to see more kits of
rare figures like the alien from "Space Probe Taurus" that would cool in a 1/8 scale.
Thanks for ordering Trog! Never heard of "Space Probe Taurus" but we'll check it out.
Thanks for the suggestion.
May 18,2024--Mike
Cereal Monster sets!!!!
We've taken the Morning Monsters off the market for now, I'm sorry to say, because of
production issues. We'll re-evaluate them sooner or later.
May 18,2024--Dr. Paul N. McKenzie
More, more, more.. your parts open up a door to kits we always wanted,
but never received!
We're glad you enjoy them. We're pondering more replacement parts projects.
Do you have any suggestions?
May 17,2024--Gary S.
I love your merchandise! I've never been disappointed with the goodies I buy.
Just ordered the TROG kit and wanted to suggest another 'grade Z' kit to
produce...the monster from 'Blood Waters of Dr. Z.' The movie was craptastic
but that monster was actually pretty cool! Just my two cents.

Never heard of it! But you're right, that monster has potential.
Passed along the idea to Michael Berglund. Thanks!
May 12,2024--Anton Phibes
I loved your Wasp Woman. Literally a dream kit for me in a nice scale.
Dracula's Daughter would be another in this scale that I would love.
As well as a Chaney Kharis to match Glenn Strange Frankenstein.
Looking forward to Wonderfest.
I'm glad you like the Wasp Woman. She's been a great seller for Escape Hatch.
I'll pass along the Dracula's Daughter suggestion to sculptor Michael Berglund.
You might be interested in knowing he already has two
more Ferocious Female
figures almost ready to go on the market. And you
never know, I'm a big fan of
Kharis as well and he's long been on my production wish list. As for WonderFest,
I'm sorry to say Escape Hatch won't be able to get there this year.
We hope for a return in 2025.
Apr. 14,2024--Dr.Greg
Hi - I love your site. have you ever considered selling STL files of some of
your merchandise?
I'm glad you like the site. Yes, we have considered the possibility of selling STLs
and have decided against it.
Apr. 14,2024--Tim Thompson
Is there any chance we will be seeing any of the replacement heads that have been
"temporarily" out of stock, anytime in the near future? I've been waiting for the
Count Orlok head since the kit was released last year...it's frustrating but I know
you guys are super busy...I love this shop so much, you guys are amazing!
Thanks for the kind words! Most of the "out of stock" sets will probablyreturn when I can
get time to remold them, although the Orlok head is a special case. That particular piece
was created from the original
Nosferatu sculpture by Jeff Yagher, which was then the
property of the late Denis McDougall, who was sort of a co-producer on that project.
Since Denis's passing, I've been reluctant to return the replacement head to the market.
But maybe it's time to make that happen; I'll give it serious thought.
Apr. 12,2024--Steve Marciante
You guys are doing a fantastic job in the after market world please keep up the
good work I have to get settled into my new house with a new work shop and I
will be getting more products from you thank you for all you do for this hobby.
Thanks Steve, we appreciate you too.
Apr. 12,2024--Tom
Hello. Any chance of a new sculpt for Mr. Hyde’s left arm ? That hand has bugged
me since the sixes.
Honestly, it never occurred to me, and I think you're the first person to ask.
I'll think about it !
Apr. 7,2024--Hammerfan
Love your website! Love your variety of fabulous kits? Have bought a few resin
add ons for existing kits and they’re great! Keep ‘em coming!
Thanks, we will try to keep the website fun and introduce new product to keep
you coming back.
Apr. 4,2024--Bob
London After Midnight due anytime soon? It's been in the "Coming Soon" area
for a while. Thank you!
I bought a Lon Chaney Phantom replacement head from you and it's FANTASTIC!
Apologies for the extended "coming soon" period. The London After Midnight
really is progressing; it's just been very slow. That's in part
because of the
art elements, which have to be coordinated with Rainer
Engel, who lives in Germany.
It's taking me a long time to get Rainer
everything he needs, but it's getting closer.
Right now, my hope if for
a late summer/fall 2024 release. Glad you like the Chaney head!
Mar. 30,2024--Johnny Por Favor
Love your products ! I'd love to see an Aurora Original Box Art tribute kit of Batman.
Tony Cipriano is working on a series of Aurora superhero box-art kits and
what we've seen so far is terrific. As for Aurora fantasy kits, we agree, they'd be fun.
There are some possibilities in the works; we'll say more if and when they take shape.
Mar. 30,2024--One of many
I like where Johnny is going. How about an Aurora Box Art Superman or
Aurora Fantasy Kits like the Flash or Phantom. There are so many ideas
in Aurora Fantasy kits from monsters to heroes.
See reply above
Mar. 23,2024--Matthew S. Holder
Though...? New heads for Aurora/Monogram/Revell..."Superman"...or new parts
to make Superman into Shazam (a.k.a. Captain Marvel)
Sorry to say that the Aurora superheroes, including Superman, are unlikely subjects
for Escape Hatch projects at this time unless a sculptor brings us a pre-existing piece
he wants to see on the market,
which is what happened with Rob Mattison's Batman
head. The DC Comics
superhero kits haven't been reissued since, I believe, the 1990s.
If the
kits aren't easy to find in significant numbers at decent prices, the
odds against
making back the cost of commissioning a replacement part and getting it on the market.
Mar. 23,2024--Craig
Would love to see you offer a 3D printed Escape Hatch door (your logo) in various sizes
for diorama builders & gamers.
Oh, one more thing, how about some soldiers, civilians, executioner, etc. to round out the
scene for the Aurora  guillotine kit ? It's an odd kit by itself with just the guy lying there.
Offering an escape hatch through Escape Hatch is a neat idea, but a bit outside our
usual projects. We'll keep it in mind. As for the soldiers, etc., to round out the
Guillotine kit, we did consider it but backed off for financial reasons. The cost of
commissioning a good sculptor to create so many unique figures is going to run
in the thousands of dollars, and unfortunately the Escape Hatch budget was tied
up in other projects.
Mar. 23,2024--Jeff
Loved the Ferocious Females kits - more B movie kits of this quality and in this scale
please and with UK distribution!!!
We're glad you like them! More are in the works. Escape Hatch does sell directly to the
U.K. but we know shipping prices are intimidating. Unfortunately, the U.K. distributor we
work with most has found it too financially risky to stock our larger scale pieces.
Mar. 6,2024--That Wily Otter
Love this site! Have gotten some great custom pieces from here! Great stuff !
And we love you too ! Thanks.
Mar. 5,2024--Charles Meadows
Love your products have built quite a few 1960s Models using tour heads. Would like
to see your replacement bases get restocked, I have been looking for the Dracula
replacement base for many months.
Mar.13--We are amending our previous response due to the untimely and unfortunate
passing of Rick Evans. Rick was the sculptor/supplier for the bases as well as other items.
Sadly we will not be able to stock them any longer.
Any chance of a reissue of the “angry man” replacement head for the hulk kit?
Sorry, it doesn't seem likely at this time.
Feb.17,2024--John Delgado
Bought several products from Escape Hatch....All excellent!
And we appreciate your business.
I absolutely love this site and all the items offered !
Thank you ! We will try to keep you coming back for more.
Feb.1,2024--Steve Walsh
What a fun site and your range of replacement parts and full size kits is terrific.
The fun is what makes it worth it for us too.
Absolutely floored by your merchandise and website.Hoping to be able to afford
one of your kits soon !
Thanks, we appreciate the patronage.
Jan.31,2024--Bob Fisher
Great site & great products. I like that I can get products to enhance or outright
mod the project I'm doing.
Thanks! Replacement parts remain Escape Hatch's bread and butter, although we're
running a little thin on ideas lately so, please pass along inspirations if you have them.
Howdy! Would really like to see you make a kit of the old
Rocketman vs. The "Water-Heater" Robot... Would be awesome!
That's a new one for me. I just looked it up and that robot is indeed spectacular.
We happen to have a project in the works to get some formerFuturistic Robots kits
back on the market, revised for the Escape Hatch crowd. Keep an eye out for
those, you might enjoy them.
Jan.26,2024--Pat Nolan
Not sure if this is what you want being I have not purchased anything from as
of yet but every time I check out your website or click from the emails I am just
floored at what you produce. I have many models I need to sit down and build but
I promise when the time comes I will be purchasing a bunch of upgrades from you.
Thank you
We never get tired of comments like that. Much appreciated!
I love the magic you do!
Please consider adding Dracula’s Daughter and more Bela Lugosi heads
(different Dracula expressions) thank you
We do have another Lugosi head in the works, but the sculptor has his hands full.
If you're not already on the mailing list, you might consider signing up to get the news
when it's ready. We promise not to flood your inbox. As for Dracula's Daughter,
Shadow Kreations is getting ready to put an old X-O Facto kit back on the market.
Jan.26,2024--Ken Spriggs
Are you planning a figure of IT! The terror from beyond space?
IIT! is a great subject but we have no immediate plans for a kit. You never know
what might happen.
Jan.24,2024--Ken K.
How about a model of Dr.Cyclops. Have it include the people he shrunk down to size.
We do appreciate suggestions and Dr. Cyclops would be a fun subject. He goes on the
list of possibilities. Thanks!

Howdy, I just ordered the full conversion kit for the Moebius Grim Reaper as I am a
HUGE fan of Tombs of the Blind Dead. I ordered the replacement head for the
Moebius Frankenstein and it was PHENOMENAL and I know this will be as well.
Thanks so much!
Your Blind Dead set is on the way! William Paquet did a fantastic job on the face and
graveyard bits.Rainer Engel rounded it out fantastically with the hood and sword.
Please share photos when you're finished.